'Crawl' Footage Traps You In A Flooded House With Alligators [CinemaCon 2019]

Horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja is back with Crawl, a wacky sounding horror movie about alligators in a flooded house. Kaya Scodelario plays a woman trapped in her home during a massive hurricane, but the storm is the least of her worries. The flooding has brought in some 'gators, and they're ready to chow down. The first Crawl footage was let loose during CinemaCon, and we wrestled it to the surface.

Crawl! It's about alligators! And a hurricane! And flooding! It has everything, really. The footage showcased at CinemaCon opened with Kaya Scodelario's character speeding through a hurricane towards her father's house. She probably assumes she'll be safe from the storm there, especially since her father is played by the always dependable Barry Pepper.

But no. The house floods, and in come the alligators, who have already attacked dear old dad. From there, the footage gets suitably nutso, with Scodelario's character essentially playing "The Floor is Lava" by jumping from one kitchen counter to the next in order to avoid chomping gators below. She also discovers some gator eggs, which she will presumably scramble for a delicious omelette. Or not.

The footage comes to a close with Scodelario's character hiding out in a glass shower as water fills the room. Sure enough, we can see gators on the other side of the glass...and the glass starts to crack. Uh-oh.

This sounds very silly, but in a good way. There have been killer gator (and crocodile) movies before, but the one-house setting makes this fairly unique. Crawl comes from producer Sam Raimi, and opens wide (get it, like an alligator's mouth?) on July 12, 2019.