'Creepshow' TV Series Casts Adrienne Barbeau, Giancarlo Esposito And Tobin Bell For Stephen King Adaptation "Grey Matter"

Shudder's Creepshow TV series just announced new cast members for its Stephen King-inspired episode, and the names won't disappoint. Giancarlo Esposito, an actor who is in almost everything, most notably Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul; Tobin Bell, famous for the Saw series; and, perhaps most exciting, horror royalty Adrienne Barbeau. Barbeau's addition is especially momentous because she also appeared in the original Creepshow movie. The three will star in an adaptation of King's short story "Gray Matter", directed by Creepshow showunner Greg Nicotero.

The hype is real for Shudder's Creepshow, which will take its inspiration from the horror film from Stephen King and director George A. Romero. The series will use the works of several other writers beyond King, but it wouldn't be Creepshow without at least one King-driven tale. That's where "Gray Matter" comes in. The story was first published in 1973, and is included in King's short story collection Night Shift.

In "Gray Matter", "Doc and Chief, two old-timers in a small, dying town, brave a storm to check on Richie, an alcoholic single father, after encountering his terrified son at the local convenience store." The official Shudder synopsis doesn't give much more detail, but having read the story, I can tell you it involves a tainted can of beer that turns a man into a monstrous blob-like creature. It's pretty gross. Greg Nicotero, who is also serving as showrunner, will helm this episode, with Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi (The Commuter) handling the script.

And now we know who will appear int he episode: Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul), and Tobin Bell (Saw). "I feel I'm in great company getting the opportunity to direct a story written by Steve," said Nicotero. "Between Salem” LotPet Sematary and The Stand, I've always found his stories rich in relatable characters forced into supernatural situations beyond their control — the everyday person's primal fears.  To visualize 'Gray Matter' for Creepshow with the help of Adrienne, Giancarlo and Tobin was about as good as it gets for a horror fan from Pittsburgh!"

"I was thrilled when Greg asked me to join the Creepshow world once again," said Barbeau, who appeared in the original Creepshow movie segment The Crate.

In addition to Gray Matter, Shudder has confirmed eight of the twelve segments that will make up Creepshow's six-episode season. These include "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain" by Joe Hill; "House of the Head" by Josh Malerman (Bird Box); "The Companion" by Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Lansdale & Keith Lansdale; "The Man in the Suitcase" by Christopher Buehlman; "All Hallows Eve" by Bruce Jones; "Night of the Paw" by John Esposito; and "Bad Wolf Down" by Rob Schrab.

You can expect more titles and casting to be announced soon. Creepshow will arrive on Shudder later this year, but I'd like it to arrive right now, please and thank you.

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