CBS All Access Wants To Save 'One Day At A Time' But Netflix Could Stop It

Fans were understandably upset when Netflix recently cancelled One Day at a Time. They might be even more upset when they learn the streaming service might hinder someone else from saving the series. A report reveals that Sony Pictures Television, who produce One Day at a Time, has fielded an official pick-up offer from CBS All Access. But there's a problem: Netflix has an option place for their shows that gives them the right to kill any deal that would land one of their shows at a rival streaming service for at least two years after cancellation. Netflix can always decide to not exercise this option, but just what happens next remains unclear

One Day at a Time had a very vocal fanbase, but that wasn't enough to convince Netflix to save the show. The streaming service recently cancelled the series after three seasons – a move that was met with almost immediate backlash. The blow of the cancelation was somewhat softened with word that the series was looking for a new home. CBS All Access quickly expressed interest, and now Vulture says All Access has "submitted an official bid to procure at least one more season of the series from Sony."

Sounds good, right? Well...not so fast. As we previously reported, Netflix has a stipulation that prohibits their cancelled shows from jumping to competing streaming services. This deal was in place for their Marvel shows that were recently cancelled, and it's also in place with their deal with Sony TV. The glimmer of hope rests in the fact that Netflix can decide to veto this move if they so choose. And according to Vulture, the legendary Norman Lear, who is the executive producer on the series, reached out to Netflix and asked them to do just that. Lear "personally reached out to Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos to ask him to help keep the show alive, presumably by waiving the company's veto rights."

This all sounds reasonable. And honestly, how can anyone say no to Norman Freakin' Lear? But apparently, Netflix did just that. Sarandos doesn't want to give in, and now the future of One Day at a Time remains up in the air. Sony and CBS All Access aren't giving up, and will continue to try to find a way to change Netflix's mind. And there is a chance Netflix will relent – but there's also a chance they won't, either. If so, the only hope for the show might be for a traditional network to pick it up, as the Netflix kill clause only applies to streaming services. But maybe, just maybe, if enough public pressure is put on Netflix, they'll come to their senses. I guess for now we're just going to have to take day at a time.