The Cast Of 'Arrested Development' Wants Season 6, But Does Netflix? [WonderCon 2019]

Years after Fox cancelled Arrested Development, creator Mitch Hurwitz and the cast kept talking about the possibility of resurrecting the show. Reporters would ask them in every interview and they would happily keep hope alive for the Bluth family to return. Finally, in 2014, Netflix streamed season four of Arrested Development and it was a big enough hit to order a fifth season, although it would take another five years to produce it. The second half of that season premiered weeks ago to little fanfare. Has everyone just moved on now?We may never know how many people actually watched season five because Netflix rarely releases numbers. We can sort of monitor the lack of social media on it, but as far as the cast is concerned, they want to keep playing the Bluths. Jessica Walter was in a WonderCon press room for Archer, entering its tenth season on FXX, and /Film asked her if there's still any interest in another season. She doesn't know where Netflix stands, but speaks for the cast."Honestly, that show has such a soft spot in my heart," Walter said. "I love that show. It means a lot to me and it means a lot to everybody in it. Over 16 years ago is when we started that show... It's a long period. If they ever wanted to do it, I'd certainly entertain the idea. I have no idea what's happening though."The release of season 5A was dominated by Walter's co-star Jeffrey Tambor. Having been fired from Transparent over allegations of harassing his trans costars, several male Arrested Development co-stars defended him. In a New York Times cast interview, Walter herself spoke out about Tambor's abusive behavior towards her. That press tour ended with Walter forgiving Tambor, and Jason Bateman apologizing for not immediately supporting her. It seems that has not soured Walter on continuing to play Lucille Bluth. Whether she'll get the chance to do so is another story."I don't know, but I love that show," Walter said.Arrested Development may be the single show that encompasses the modern television landscape. Too niche for broadcast, it was saved by fan enthusiasm. It was also the first show in the recent trend of revivals featuring the original cast. The success of season four probably helped the creators of Fuller House, The X-Files, 24, Roseanne and Will & Grace show there was merit to new seasons in the original format.But now we all have too much to watch. There are so many networks, so many streaming services, and so many complete seasons of shows to binge. It used to be a show had to be outstanding to command viewership. Now we don't even have time to watch all the shows we truly love. Netflix has started bringing the hammer down on many of their popular shows like One Day at a Time and their entire Marvel slate, though they haven't announced a decision on Arrested Development yet.