'NOS4A2' Trailer: Zachary Quinto Feeds Off The Souls Of Children In A Place Called Christmasland

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AMC has plenty of zombies to spare with The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and the apparently endless array of spin-offs and movies they want to make in the coming years. But thankfully, they're starting to diversify their horror slate with a little vampire terror.

NOS4A2 is a new series coming to AMC this June, based on Joe Hill's 2013 novel of the same name. The story follows a young woman named Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) who finds herself drawn to lost things, especially people. But the way she finds them takes a toll on her, and it brings her face-to-face with an evil vampire (Zachary Quinto) who has been abducting children, feeding off their souls, and leaving them in a twisted alternate universe called Christmasland. Yeah, it's a lot to take in, but the first NOS4A2 trailer makes it look rather compelling.

NOS4A2 Trailer

NOS4A2 screened the series pilot at SXSW earlier this month and our review from Meredith Borders said, "It's inscrutable and unnerving and almost scarily propulsive." Meanwhile, our own Jacob Hall also found the first episode to be wholly satisfying as well. He wrote in his review:

"The pilot doesn't pause to drop exposition (it demands you keep up and accept that this will all make sense) and that makes it feel special. It's here to haunt you, both with monsters and with its depiction of a troubled family and a protagonist who can't help but love the abuser in her life. It's impossible to judge an entire season of television based on the first hour, but this is a sublime start."

NOS4A 2 is executive produced by Jami O'Brien, along with Joe Hill, and it also stars Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Lady Dynamite) as Bing Partridge, Virginia Kull (The Looming Tower) as Linda McQueen, Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Punisher) as Chris McQueen and Jahkara Smith (aka Sailor J) as Maggie Leigh. Here's the official synopsis for the series:

Based on Joe Hill's 2013 best-selling novel of the same name, NOS4A2 follows Vic McQueen, played by Ashleigh Cummings (The Goldfinch), a gifted young woman who discovers she has a supernatural ability to find lost things. This ability puts her on a collision course with the evil and immortal Charlie Manx, played by Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story). Manx is a supernatural villain who feeds off the souls of children then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland – a twisted place of Manx's imagination where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law. Vic strives to defeat Manx and rescue his victims – without losing her mind or falling victim to him herself.

NOS4A2 will premiere on June 2, 2019 at 10pm ET/9pm CT, and if you have AMC Premiere, you'll be able to binge the entire first season of 10 episodes beginning that day.