Weta Workshop Is Kickstarting A 'District 9' Board Game

Weta Workshop and Trishula Entertainment have teamed up to develop a District 9 board game based on the acclaimed 2009 sci-fi film directed by Neil Blomkamp. But this time, instead of taking place from the perspective of a scared company field agent who finds himself turning into one of the much-maligned Prawns, the board game will allow you to play as a soldier bent on raiding and suppressing the aliens. All in good fun?

Weta Workshop's latest Kickstarter campaign will allow you to revisit District 9 in a board game that kind of loses the message of the beloved 2009 film. But no matter, because at least you get to raid a bunch of alien tech!

"For the first time in 10 years, return to the District," the teaser for the board game invites before launching into a description of the competitive 2-4 person game that will take place in the same three-day span of the film.

District 9 Board Game Teaser

District 9: The Boardgame is played in a series of rounds, according to the game's Kickstarter page, which is attempting to crowdfund $150,000 to develop the game. During each round, a player can move, play cards, search for tech, and encounter conflict, all while trying to compete with three other factions over the amount of alien technology amassed. The game even comes with expansion packs for 2 more players as well as a "Puddi Can" with a picture of the cat from the trailer (because prawns like cat food, get it?) that actually contains a toy mech.

Here is the synopsis of the game

From Weta Workshop and Trishula Entertainment comes District 9: The Boardgame, a competitive 2-4 player game based on the classic sci-fi film. Return to District 9 and relive the film's final three days through a whole new perspective. Lead your Faction through the alien slum in a search for the tech that will give you the edge. Salvage the most technology, take control of the district, and claim your victory!

The whole game will cost about $99, which is a little pricey, but the price may go down if the Kickstarter is a success. For more information on the District 9 board game, as well as pictures of the stretch-goal miniatures and some game play videos, check out the Kickstarter page.