'The Eternals' Hopes To Draft Angelina Jolie Into The MCU

Angelina Jolie took a few years off from acting, but now she's ready to roar back in a big way. The biggest way possible, in fact, by joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A new report indicates Jolie is in talks to join The Eternals cast for director Chloe Zhao. There's no word on what role Jolie is eyeing, but rumors are already indicating she might be Sersi, one of the few Eternals who doesn't mind living amongst us puny mortals.THR broke the news about Jolie being in talks to join The Eternals cast. Based on characters created by the legendary Jack Kirby, the film is about "super-powered and near-immortal beings known as Eternals and a more monstrous off-shoot known as the Deviants that were created by the cosmic beings called Celestials." The plot allegedly involves "the love story between Ikaris, a man fueled by cosmic energy, and Sersi, who relishes moving amongst humans. It is unclear who Jolie will play." While there's no indication of which character Jolie might play, Sersi certainly seems like a good fit.

In the comics, Sersi is based on the character of Circe from The Odyssey. Per the Marvel Wiki, she "turned Odysseus' companions into pigs, but Odysseus, who had been given a magical herb by Hermes, resisted her witchcraft. Circe fell in love with Odysseus and transformed the pigs back into men. After they stayed on the island for one year, they left to continue their voyage." In the present day, Sersi "lived on the Upper West Side in New York City when the Fourth Host of Celestials arrived on Earth."

There are several other characters Jolie could be up for – Elysius and Thena, for instance. But the fact that THR's scoop specifically mentions Sersi points towards Jolie looking at that role. Jolie's last big screen live-action acting gig was her 2015 directorial effort By the Sea. She'll be returning to acting this year with Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. She also has parts in upcoming films Come Away and Those Who Wish Me Dead. Should she join The Eternals, it would mark her first superhero movie role.

Chloe Zhao, who helmed the acclaimed indie film The Rider, is set to direct The Eternals, with a script from Matthew and Ryan Firpo. It's not clear yet where The Eternals fits into Marvel's future, as they're keeping things tight-lipped until after Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home arrive in theaters.