Check Out An Impressive 'Alien' Stage Production Put On By A New Jersey High School

20th Century Fox has been acquired by The Walt Disney Company, but their legacy of decades of contributions to cinema will live on. And a group of high school students are already doing their part to keep their flame burning.

Over the weekend, a high school drama club in North Bergen, New Jersey hosted a stage production of the sci-fi horror classic Alien. And once you see the pictures and video from the play below, you'll be amazed at what this group of teens pulled off.

First up, just check out these pictures that show off the impressive handcrafted spacesuits and xenomorph:

As you can see, there's a full xenomorph suit that one of the actors put on for the production, and it looks incredibly cool. The students even created the space jockey. Honestly, I can't believe that high school students were able to pull this off. But when you have the passion for theater like this, anything is possible.

The sets and costumes were all created by recycling various materials and repurposing them into what was needed for the show. One of the computer room sets was created with egg crate inserts and foam. Blankets, bottlecaps, thrift store clothes and parts from vacuum cleaners and exercise equipment were used to make the space suits and other props, according to BuzzFeed.

In case you're wondering what 20th Century Fox thinks of this, the official Alien anthology account posted this:

Steve Defendini is the awesome teacher who helped make this stage production possible, and he wasn't sure if they were going to pull it off. "We really weren't sure if people would laugh at what we were doing," Defendini said. "We did not expect this."

Now that the production has gone viral online, Defendini is hoping they can find room on the school calendar to do a third performance of the show. I'm sure they'll have an even bigger crowd for that performance now that everyone has seen how amazing it is. But if you're not in the New Jersey area, you can check out some footage from the show here:

That appears to be from towards the end of the movie. But if you'd like to see the facehugger scene, here's a taste:

Thankfully, it sounds like even more footage from the high school production of Alien might be released in a more official capacity in the near future. After getting a bunch of attention online, Steve Defendini said this on Twitter:

So if the North Bergen High School Drama Club posts the entire production, we'll be sure to let you know.