'Unicorn Store' Trailer: Brie Larson's Directorial Debut Reunites Her With Samuel L. Jackson

Two years after Brie Larson's directorial debut premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, Unicorn Store is finally coming to Netflix. Despite boasting an impressive cast including Larson and her Kong: Skull Island and Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson, the comedy-drama about a young idealistic woman struggling to find herself had seemingly vanished after its TIFF premiere. But Unicorn Store was saved by streaming giant, which debuts the film in April. Watch the Unicorn Store trailer below.

Unicorn Store Trailer

Larson has proven to be a lauded onscreen talent, but does that translate to behind-the-camera? We'll find out with the release of Unicorn Store, which looks to be a quirky indie comedy that stars Larson as a dreamy art student who finds herself floundering after she fails out of art school. But an encounter with a magical man (Jackson) at the questionably real Unicorn Store inspires her to embrace her quirks and live life by her standards.

The film and its buzz somewhat disappeared after its TIFF premiere two years ago, but /Film's Marshall Shaffer was warm to the film, writing, "Unicorn Store might not wield the fanciest and finest filmmaking techniques to convey this morsel of knowledge, but it does show Larson possesses a wisdom beyond her years (as anyone who follows her on social media can attest). The first part of the equation can be learned, honed and perfected."

Imperfect or not, Unicorn Store reunites Larson with Jackson, a pairing that proved pivotal to the success of Captain Marvel and one of the standout parts of the Marvel movie.

Here is the official synopsis for Unicorn Store:

Kit (Brie Larson) is a lonely twenty-something dreamer who's reluctant to leave the comforts of childhood and fully embrace adulthood. But when art school sends her packing, Kit is forced to move back home with her parents and take a temp job in a boring office. Just when she's resolved to finally put her Care Bears aside and grow up, a mysterious salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) enters Kit's life and offers to give her childlike heart its greatest desire. Larson's directorial debut, with a script by Samantha McIntyre, is a love letter to everyone's inner child, and a reminder that no dream is impossible.

Unicorn Store debuts on Netflix on April 5, 2019.