VOTD: 'Captain Marvel' VFX Featurette Showcases Goose The Cat, Skrull Transformation & Super Powers

Every single Marvel Studios movie is a blockbuster spectacle that is chock full of visual effects that bring the fantastical world of Marvel Comics to life on the big screen, and the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no exception. A new Captain Marvel visual effects featurette from Marvel Entertainment dives into the post-production process for creating the titular superhero's photon energy blasts and other superpowers, the transformation of Skrulls, and the scene-stealing character Goose the Cat. In fact, you might be surprised to learn how little of the footage featuring Goose the cat used a real cat.

Captain Marvel Visual Effects Featurette

Earth's Mighest Show host Lorraine Cink sat down with Christopher Townsend, the VFX Supervisor on Captain Marvel, for an extensive interview about how his department brought the world of Marvel Comics to life.

Some behind the scenes footage and breakdown snippets show off how Brie Larson was given the power to blast photon energy using a combination of practical lighting and digital effects. Meanwhile, another part of the conversation focuses on how the Skrulls transform from their default green-skinned alien form into humans on Earth. Very careful attention was paid to the transformation process, including specifically using the Skrulls' skin creases as the origin of the transformations.

But easily the most impressive bit of work done by the visual effects department was the creation of Goose the cat. You might be surprised to learn that out of the roughly 100 shots of Goose in the movie, 70 of them were created with visual effects. And we're not talking about Flerken action shots or things that cats can't be trained to do. There are some shots where the cat is just sitting on someone's lap or being pet by Nick Fury where a digital cat was used. There's even a side-by-side shot of a real cat and a cat that was created entirely with visual effects, and you can't tell them apart. It's insane.