Exclusive: The Original 'RoboCop' Poster Was Actually A Painting, And Now You Can Buy It As A Metallic Print

Part man, part machine, all cop. That's the tagline you'll find on the original teaser poster for the 1980s favorite RoboCop. The poster is a classic, and any fan can immediately picture RoboCop stepping out of the Detroit Police car, the lights flashing bright red as your imagination runs wild with the prospect of having a robot police officer taking care of justice on the streets.

You might not have realized this, but that theatrical posterĀ  for the Paul Verhoeven movie wasn't simply a touched up photograph. The original RoboCop poster was actually a painting done by artist Mike Bryan. Thanks to Justin Ishmael (the former head of Mondo who made the collectible art and pop culture shop the hotspot it is today) and the folks at Bottleneck Gallery, you can own a perfect recreation of the poster that takes the incredible image of RoboCop and gives it a nice shine with metallic inks. You can even get a RoboCop poster print that looks more like the original painting rather than the final poster.

RoboCop Theatrical Poster Print

First up, here's the original theatrical RoboCop poster that everyone knows and loves. Bottleneck Gallery will be releasing a new screenprint version of the RoboCop poster, sized at 24x36 inches, created with metallic inks. The regular version will be a timed edition that you'll be able to pick up for $50 starting at 12pm ET tomorrow, March 19th, for 24 hours only. However many are ordered during that time period, that's how many will be printed.

But if you want your RoboCop poster to have a little more shine, you may want to pick up the variant version of the original theatrical poster. In addition to being screenprinted with metallic inks, it will be printed on silver foil paper. That version will have an edition of 150 and will cost you $75. It will be available while supplies last.

Unfortunately, we don't have an image of the variant version, but that's because it's hard to tell the different between the regular and variant unless you're looking at them in person. But we've been reassured that any part of the image that's metal, such as RoboCop or the police car surfaces, will mimic the look of metal.

RoboCop Painting Poster Print

Remember how we said that the original poster for RoboCop was a painting? Well, now you can own a screenprint of the original painting without the movie credits, tagline or any of the other graphics. With only a small title in the lower left hand corner, this screenprint is a more accurate recreation of the original painting by Mike Bryan. As you can see, the poster made the colors a little more cool instead of the reddish hue of the original painting.

You can get your hands on the RoboCop painting poster print in two different versions. The regular RoboCop screenprint with metallic inks still measures 24x36 inches, will have an edition of 150, and costs $75. However, just like the original theatrical version, there's also a variant that will be a screenprint with metallic inks on silver paper foil. That version only has an edition of 75 and will cost you $85.

All of these versions of the RoboCop poster screenprint will be on sale at 12pm ET tomorrow , March 19, at Bottleneck Gallery. Make sure to set a reminder and act fast, because lots of RoboCop fans are going to be willing to buy those limited editions for a lot more than a dollar.