Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular To Undergo Renovation, Should Be Updated In Time For 'Indiana Jones 5'

Walt Disney World's Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! opened in 1989, and it's finally getting an overhaul.

A new report says the attraction, which is based in Disney's Hollywood Studios in their Florida theme park, is set to experience a renovation and should be completed by the time Disney and Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones 5 arrives in theaters. Learn more below.

Walt Disney World News Today reports that the new version of the show is set to debut in Summer 2021, in time to celebrate both the release of Indy 5 and the Walt Disney World theme park's 50th anniversary. To make that happen, "the show will go dark for a lengthy period spanning from 2020 to 2021."

For those who have never been to Walt Disney World, the Stunt Spectacular is essentially an Indy-themed stage show which, as the name implies, leans heavily on stunts: an Indy lookalike recreates the opening scene of 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark, dodging spears and outmaneuvering that iconic boulder to escape after swiping the treasured idol. "Jones" meets up with "Marion Ravenwood," and the two go head to head against a band of baddies in a marketplace setting before eventually wrapping up the show with a recreation of the film's plane explosion.

As you can see, real people from the audience are pulled in to the experience. I remember my dad being chosen from the crowd one of the first times I went to Disney World as a kid, and when I lived in Orlando for a year after college, I went with some friends and was picked out of the crowd as well. Being a part of the show had its charms (especially as a big Indiana Jones fan), but there's no denying this attraction could use some updates. I mean, it's basically been the same since the days of Full House:

According to this new report, here's one of the aspects that will be changed:

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular should see some scene updates and a removal of the "working studio" theme that ties it back to the park as it existed in 1989. I wouldn't expect to see camera crews or talking directors in the show when the changes come, based on the current creative direction of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Getting rid of the educational aspect should turn this into more of a straight-forward adventure show, which leads me to believe they'll need to replace all of that downtime with new stunts. Could they be interested in recreating even more scenes from the Indy franchise? If so, which ones? The mine cart chase from Temple of Doom is that film's most iconic action beat, but it may be a bit too detailed to recreate here. Maybe the motorcycle chase from The Last Crusade, which ends with a pole stuffed into the spokes and a rider being catapulted into the sky?

Maybe the jungle chase from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where Mutt Williams is sword-fighting between vehicles and gets hit in the nuts with a plant? Let's hope not.

Or maybe they'll design something that will align with a moment from Indiana Jones 5, which is currently slated to hit theaters on July 9, 2021.