Abandoned 'Captain Marvel' Post-Credits Scene Almost Tied Back To 'Thor: Ragnarok' Instead

After Avengers: Infinity War only gave us one credits scene, Captain Marvel returns to the Marvel Studios standard of having both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene. As we discussed last weekend, the mid-credits scene is a big set-up for Avengers: Endgame, and the post-credits scene is a fun little coda following the events of Captain Marvel. But directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden almost had an alternate Captain Marvel credits scene that tied back to Thor: Ragnarok. Beware of spoilers ahead!

Alternate Captain Marvel Credits Scene

While speaking to Empire Online, Ryan Fleck revealed that one of the early ideas for a post-credits scene would have highlighted the fate of Jude Law's character Yon-Rogg. At the end of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) takes Yon-Rogg, restrains him, throws him into a ship, and sets a course to send him back to Hala to send the Kree a message. That's pretty bold, and maybe a little ill-advised, but as we've seen, Carol has always been a bit cocky and confident.

However, instead of Yon-Rogg actually making it back to Hala, he would have ended up somewhere else in the alternate Captain Marvel credits scene. We'll let Fleck take it from here:

"There was an idea on the table about having Jude Law [...] emerge from his pod on Sakaar, and then have him look around and see the Devil's Anus behind him and wonder, 'Where the hell am I?'"

Sakaar is the garbage dump planet from Thor: Ragnarok where The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) hosts his Contest of Champions. And The Devil's Anus is the largest, most dangerous wormhole nearby the planet that allowed Thor, Bruce Banner and Valkyrie to make a getaway to Asgard after being part of the fighting festivities.

What could have made this scene even better is if the alternate Captain Marvel credits scene tied into this:

The Thor: Ragnarok post-credits scene features The Grandmaster surviving his ship's crash following their pursuit of Thor, Bruce Banner, and Valkyrie. Then there's a very Jeff Goldblum scene featuring The Grandmaster's overconfidence and self-inflated ego. It would have been funny if Yon-Rogg arrived on Sakaar just as this was taking place, and then The Grandmaster takes notice of the handsome Kree and gets a naughty idea. Whether that naughty idea is to make him one of the champions or have him be part of his crazy spaceship orgies is up to you.

You might think the timing wouldn't work out for that to happen since Captain Marvel takes place back in 1995 (albeit in a confusing manner), and Thor: Ragnarok takes place in the modern day. But surely that travel through space would have taken a long time, especially if Yon-Rogg is just jumping through random wormholes. And it's all relative to the years that pass on Earth anyway.

In the end, it's probably better than the post-credits sequence is a little more focused on the events of Captain Marvel. Plus, having that post-credits scene might have created some logistical issues down the road when the time comes to plan the inevitable Captain Marvel sequel.

Captain Marvel is in theaters everywhere now.