'A Christmas Prince 3' Is Bringing A Royal Baby To Netflix This Holiday Season

A royal baby makes three for Netflix's astonishingly popular holiday film series, A Christmas PrinceA Christmas Prince 3 is on its way, with Netflix confirming that the next installment of the film series starring Rose Iver and Ben Lamb will debut this holiday season with a new addition to their family. We'll just have to wait...nine months.

Netflix confirmed that A Christmas Prince 3 is in the works with a tweet that had the caption "Some personal news..." and an image showing a sonogram of a baby with a crown. "Baby makes 3" the image cutely says, referring to the Iver and Lamb's newly married royal couple Amber and Richard, as well as the third film in A Christmas Prince series.

The third A Christmas Prince movie will be titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, and follows up last year's hit sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. The first TV movie, which dropped on the streaming giant in late 2017, started the cheesy holiday-themed phenomenon that has overtaken Netflix, which followed up with equally schmaltzy films like The Princess SwitchThe Holiday Calendar, and Christmas Inheritance.

The original A Christmas Prince followed Amber, a bad journalist and endearingly clumsy American girl who is tasked with interviewing Richard, the soon-to-be king of Aldovia. Dun, dun dun...they fall in love! The pair got married in the sequel, The Royal Wedding, and it seems that they'll continue going strong with the upcoming The Royal Baby. The series has thus far been a thinly veiled parallel to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and will come out just a few months after Markle's first baby is due.

The movies are marked by their bad acting and ludicrously cheesy situations, but Netflix has certainly cornered the market for low-budget, high-returns Hallmark movie knock-offs. The holidays are a time for gorging oneself on sweets and bad movies, and A Christmas Prince is the pinnacle of that. And I'm sure The Royal Baby will live up to those expectations.

Here is the official description for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (via The Wrap):

It's Christmastime in Aldovia–and a royal baby is on the way! Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway kingdom to renew an ancient truce, but when the priceless 600-year-old-treaty disappears, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse threatens their family!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is expected to hit Netflix sometime in November 2019.