VOTD: New Footage From Inside 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Glides Through Batuu

Now that the opening dates for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge have been announced, the excitement couldn't be higher for the expansion at Disney theme parks. However, even though plenty of new details have come from a recent glimpse behind the scenes of Galaxy's Edge, construction is still very much underway. A lot of work must be completed before fans can venture into a galaxy far, far away (so much that one of the major rides won't even be ready when it opens).

In the meantime, some new drone footage from inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge takes us around the various sights of the land that will whisk park attendees to the new planet Batuu. See life-size vehicles like landspeeders, massive turrets, Poe Dameron's X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and much more.

Footage Inside Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

This is B-roll footage that was provided to ABC 7 news for a report by Rob McMillan. And since that Disney copyright is in the upper right hand corner, we're assuming this was shot by Disney in order to show off the park when news organizations do their various reports on the opening dates and other such related announcements about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Just as it's been described by those lucky enough to get inside, this doesn't just look like a Star Wars movie set. It looks like Star Wars has become a reality. What makes it feel that much more authentic is the fact that there aren't green screens that need to be filled in later with visual effects. There aren't any regular crew members standing around in cargo shirts with walkie talkies. This is a galaxy far, far away, and we can't wait to get there.

If you haven't been keeping up with all the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge updates lately, the Disneyland will be opening the theme park expansion starting on May 31, 2019. Meanwhile, Disney World will follow a few months later on August 29, 2019. You can find out a bunch of new details on what the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge experience will be like in our extensive write-up of all the big announcements. There's plenty more to come, especially with Star Wars Celebration around the corner in April, so stay tuned for more.