Is 'The Abyss' Blu-Ray Finally Being Released, And In 4K?

James Cameron's The Abyss has been a long sought after item for Blu-ray collectors. While the 1989 sci-fi action film was released on DVD, it has yet to find its way to Blu-ray. But that might be about to change. Skip Kimball, someone who has worked in the editorial department on Cameron-related films Avatar and Alita: Battle Angel, just revealed what might be the 4K remastering of The Abyss. Fingers crossed this isn't a huge prank.

The Abyss is one of James Cameron's best movies, and I've longed for the day it might hit Blu-ray. The long wait might be over, according to that Instagram post from Cameron collaborator Skip Kimball. As Kimball's many hash-tags make clear, this might very well be an image of work being done on a 4K Blu-ray release for the film.

Back in November of 2018, Cameron confirmed to Empire Blu-rays for both The Abyss and his action-comedy True Lies could very well be in our future. "Man, it's on my to-do list," Cameron said. "It's a question of time-management. True Lies and The Abyss both have Blu-ray transfers that are complete for my review. The problem is the next 14 hours when I have to go back and trim the color and get each one perfect. That's 28 hours. I don't have 28 hours."

Cameron added: "I've put it on my list to try to get it done before the end of the year." That would've been the end of 2018, and it looks like Cameron didn't get to it – probably because he's been doing so much Avatar sequel work. But if he's finally blocking out the time, we're all in for a treat.

In The Abyss, a civilian diving team is tasked with locating a lost nuclear submarine, and forced to bring a bunch of hot-headed Navy SEALs along with them. The investigation reveals the presence of an alien species leaving deep beneath the sea. The cast included  Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Michael Biehn. Cameron directed the hell out of the movie, and Industrial Light & Magic created ground-breaking special effects to create the watery aliens. The end result is an exciting, emotional, action-packed sci-fi thrill-ride – the type they really don't make anymore. The prospect of having it hit 4K is incredibly exciting, and I hope we end up getting this 4K release (if it really is happening) before the year ends. It might make a great Christmas present.