Kumail Nanjiani To Star In Spy Action Comedy 'No Glory' For Adam McKay

Kumail Nanjiani is teaming up with Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions for No Glory, a spy action comedy based on a true story. Sam Bain, writer of the horror comedy Corporate Animals and the extremely dark (but funny!) comedy Four Lions, will adapt a still-unpublished manuscript from National Security Operative and author Scott Shephard. Specifics about the story are slim, but "Kumail Nanjiani in a spy comedy" should be enough to get your attention.

Valparaiso Picture's David Carrico and Adam Paulsen are set to produce No Glory alongside Gary Sanchez Productions' Adam McKay, Chris Henchy, and Will Ferrell, and that's an impressive line-up of behind-the-scenes talent. But just what is No Glory? Beyond the report that it's a "spy action comedy," we have very little to go on.

The film is "based on the manuscript which was written by a National Security Operative and author Scott Shephard about the operative's time in service to the country, a unique account described as 'The Rambunctious Patriotism and World-Wide Shenanigans of a First Generation American in the Clandestine Service of a Grateful and Mostly Unwitting Nation.'" Shenanigans, you say? I'm all ears.

"I can't wait to dig into this incredible true story," said Adam McKay. "With Kumail at the helm this has a chance to be really 'special,' as Kumail likes to say."

Valparaiso's David Carrico added: "This is the type of story that we created our company to help tell, narratives that can have broad commercial appeal without sacrificing artistry. We found the prefect partners and storytellers in Kumail and Adam."

There's so little detail here that I'm having trouble mustering up a wealth of enthusiasm. That said, Nanjiani is hilarious, and I love that he's gone from being "that funny guy who pops up for a few minutes in comedies" to an actual leading man. The prospect of the actor starring in a spy comedy – an action spy comedy, no less – is very promising.

Nanjiani has several other projects on the horizon. He'll next be seen in 2019's Men in Black: International, and in Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot. He'll also lend his voice to 2020's The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. And if all that wasn't enough, he's also in some movie called Stuber, in which a detective recruits an Uber driver (played by Nanjiani) to help him catch a terrorist, which sounds like it will either be hilarious or kind of dumb. Take your pick!