'Fear Street' Movie Trilogy Still Happening, First Cast Members And Potential Story Revealed

It's been a while since we've heard anything on the Fear Street movie trilogy, based on the books by Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine. Here's an update: they're still happening, and they've locked down some directors and cast members. Leigh Janiak, director of horror film Honeymoon, is still set to helm the first of the trilogy, and also the third, while Her Smell filmmaker Alex Ross Perry is directing part two. New to the project: actors Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch will appear in all three films. More on the Fear Street movie trilogy below.

While R.L. Stine made a name for himself gearing Goosebumps books to young readers, he also had the Fear Street series, which was aimed at slightly older youths. Fear Street tales were darker and often more violent than the world of GoosebumpsThe stories usually focused on teen girls being stalked by serial killers, or ghosts, or serial killing ghosts. In 2017, word came that a Fear Street movie trilogy was in the works, with plans to both shoot all three films back-to-back, and then release them back-to-back one month after anotherAt the time, Leigh Janiak, who directed the creepy indie horror movie Honeymoon, had just landed the gig of writing and directing the first film. Now, Collider has some updates.

Janiak is still involved, and she's going to direct both the first and third film in the trilogy. Janiak also oversaw a writers' room to hammer out the stories for the trilogy, with Stranger Things writer Kate Trefry involved as well. In addition to Janiak, Alex Ross Perry, director of Queen of Earth and the upcoming Her Smell, is going to helm the second movie. And Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch are now set to star.

There are no official plot details for the trilogy yet, but Collider's sources say that "Madeira and Welch will each be playing gay teenagers trying to navigate their rocky relationship when they're targeted by the crazy horrors of their small town, Shadyside. Each actress will be playing two different characters — one in the mid-'90s, and one in the 1600s, when gay women faced even greater adversity and repercussions — and they're both slated to appear in all three films."

That premise is definitely unique for a mainstream horror pic likely being geared towards a young-ish audience, and that's exciting. And while horror director Janiak's involvement makes sense, it's kind of weird to me that Alex Ross Perry is involved as well. He's not exactly who I'd picture to direct a Fear Street movie, but as a fan of his films, I'm not complaining.