'Escape Room 2' Will Bring More Deadly Puzzles To Theaters In Spring 2020

Even though it may have been released in the dumping ground month of January, Escape Room has become a hit film for Sony Pictures (and it wasn't half-bad either). The film only cost $9 million to produce, and it raked in nearly $119 million at the box office. In Hollywood, that's grounds for a sequel, and the studio is making moves to release Escape Room 2 in the spring of 2020. And if the end of the first movie is any indicator, we may already have an idea of where it's going.

Deadline has the news of Escape Room 2 being set for release on April 17, 2020. That's a much more confident release date than the original movie since April is when blockbuster summer has been starting in the past few years. But hopefully that won't keep the sequel from grabbing as much cash as the first movie.Adam Robitel will return to direct after helming the first film, and the script will again be written by Bragi F. Schut. Producer Neal H. Moritz is also back in the same capacity. So the dream team is being kept together to plot more deadly puzzles, but if you want to know where the sequel might be headed, this is where the spoilers begin.

The first Escape Room followed six strangers (Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Nik Dodani, Jay Ellis and Tyler Labine) who found themselves mysteriously and ominously invited to try out an immersive escape room. Whoever came out on the other side won a hefty sum of money. However, these strangers quickly learned that these puzzles were lethal. They started getting picked off one-by-one as they moved into different themed rooms, each challenging their minds and prodding at real traumas from their past.

The end of Escape Room found characters Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) as the only survivors of the traumatizing game. Six months after the horrific events, after no evidence of the escape room was found, Zoey discovers the location of the company behind the escape room. She recruits Ben to fly off to New York City to confront them, but little do they know that their flight is about to be turned into yet another elaborate and deadly escape game.

If the sequel picks up where the last left off, this could be really fun. Hell, even if the escape room doesn't end up being the plane itself, there are endless possibilities. The premise is only getting more outlandish, but that's actually what I enjoyed about the end of the first movie. Here's hoping Sony can deliver another suspense-filled romp.