All The Cool Kids Are Joining Cinemark's Movie Club To The Tune Of Over 560,000 Members

After MoviePass came in with a bang (and is now trying to survive desperately), the major movie theater chains found themselves suddenly forced to come up with a movie ticket subscription of their own. AMC Theatres has been doing quite well with their AMC Stubs A-List subscription, and now Cinemark wants to share the success they've had with their own movie ticket membership plan.

Cinemark's MovieClub hit 560,000 members by the end of 2018, which was 26% higher than what they had at the end of the third quarter of the year. That's kind of surprising since CineMark's MovieClub has nowhere near the same level of benefits as AMC Stubs A-List. Find out more about the Cinemark MovieClub below.

Here's what the Cinemark MovieClub membership gets you:

Cinemark MovieClub

In addition, to those benefits, you also earn Connections points that can be used for rewards online or in the Cinemark app. The only downside is that you still pay extra for premium screenings like 3D or other special formats. It's not a terrible deal for $8.99 per month, but if you're the kind of moviegoer that likes to see more than one movie each month, it's not ideal.

But even so, for some users, if their only local major theater chain is Cinemark, then they'll probably take advantage of the benefits. It seems to be working for the theater chain since Deadline reports, "CEO Mark Zoradi said 13 million admissions have been recorded in the history of MovieClub, and in the fourth quarter the program accounted for 10% of box office, up from 8% in the third quarter."

Even though many movie theater chains scoffed at the idea of a movie ticket subscription service like MoviePass actually increasing attendance at their theaters, it certainly seems to be doing the trick. Most chains were probably just frustrated that MoviePass beat them to the punch. In the end, the victory was short for MoviePass, and people have been jumping off that sinking ship left and right, especially since they seem to have only gotten more shady in the months since falling from grace.

It's nice to see that movie theater chains are starting to embrace the movie ticket subscription model and also benefiting from it. Now if we could just stop getting them to be so stringent and worried about that theatrical release window then everything would be fine. But since that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon, we'll just have to settle for getting discounts on our movie tickets and concessions for the time being.