Peter Weller Reprises His 'RoboCop' Role In Bizarre KFC Ads

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is currently developing a new RoboCop movie, and last summer, he made headlines when he said that actor Peter Weller, who played the character in the original movie and its first sequel, should step back into the suit once again.

Now Weller is back as RoboCop – not in the new movie (yet), but in a series of bizarre commercials for KFC. If you've always wanted to see RoboCop interrupt a random family's movie night and threaten their lives if they don't try his chicken, today's your lucky day.

KFC is known for its odd campaign of replacing the TV "Colonel Sanders" spokesperson every so often, but they've taken things to new levels of weird by hiring the fictional character of RoboCop. They've even outfitted him with the Colonel's goofy facial hair.

Here's the ad where he threatens a family in their home:

In this one, RoboCop ignores a robbery in progress and instead hurls a piece of chicken into the mouth of a "hungry boy" who is actually a grown man:

Here he is at a fancy dinner party, where it looks like he's about to freak out and murder the entire table of dinner guests, but then stops himself at the last second:

And finally, here's the company's "explanation" of their newest hire:

This is Peter Weller's voice we're hearing, but I haven't been able to confirm if it's actually the 71-year-old actor wearing the suit in these commercials. I called his agents and confirmed that he was involved in this campaign, but when I specifically asked if Weller was wearing the suit, his agent told me "We have no comment on that." Uh, okay then? I guess they really want to keep the mystery alive of whether their client got suited up or if he's just lending his voice and a double is doing all of the physical stuff. Cool.

Either way, it seems like Blomkamp isn't too thrilled about this whole thing:

I wonder if this will actually affect his planned reboot. Who knows: if it is Weller in the suit, maybe that signals that he's interested in exploring the character further, so maybe this will be the turning point that actually gets him to sign on to star in Blomkamp's film.

Still, this isn't the first time RoboCop has stumped for a chicken product. Watch this old commercial, which for some reason features the western-inspired score from Back to the Future 3 playing quietly in the background: