Brian Tyree Henry Wants To Know Why 'They Cloned Tyrone'

Brian Tyree Henry, a great actor who deserves to be in all the movies all the time, is set to star in in the thriller They Cloned TyroneJuel Taylor, who wrote Creed II, will direct the film, which involves characters mixed up in a government conspiracy that involves – I assume – cloning, and also someone named Tyrone. The project is hot right now, and was won by Macro in a bidding war.Variety broke the news about Brian Tyree Henry joining They Cloned Tyrone. If you somehow don't know who Henry is at this point, that's bound to change. The actor has turned in incredibly memorable performances on the FX series Atlanta, and the recent films Widows and If Beale Street Could Talk. His part in Beale Street is brief – he's only in one scene, actually. And yet, that scene resonates through the entire film due to the actor's emotionally devastating performance. In short, he's the real deal. And he's also going to be in the Child's Play remake, so there's that!

"A lot of people keep saying that I'm having a moment," Henry told The Guardian, "and I'm really tired of hearing that. Because 'moment' to me is a whisper. It goes like that. A moment drops in and then it's out. I want something that is going to be so solid and stick for the longest time."

Per Variety, They Cloned Tyrone "follows a series of eerie events that thrust an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in a pulpy mystery caper." That sounds fun – I'm always up for some pulp. Based on the title, and that synopsis, I'm guessing this film is going for some sort of comedic angle, but I could be wrong. In truth, there's not much to go on here – just the title and Henry's casting. Is that enough to get you excited about whatever this film is? It should! Creed II writer Juel Taylor will make his feature directorial debut with the film, and he'll co-write the script with Tony Rettenmaier.

In addition to the upcoming Child's Play remake, Henry will also be seen in Superintelligence and Woman in the Window. He's also in the middle of shooting Godzilla vs. Kong, so he's a busy guy – and rightfully so. There's no release date set for They Cloned Tyrone yet, but I'm guessing it won't be out for a while, what with Henry's busy schedule and all.