Exclusive 'Assassination Nation' Vinyl Soundtrack Debut: You Asked For It, America

The sure-to-be-cult-film Assassination Nation burned up the festival circuit last year before hitting theaters in September 2018. One key element to the film was the electronic film score courtesy of former Passion Pitt keyboardist Ian Hulquist. Now, Hulquist's Assassination Nation soundtrack comes to vinyl, and we have an exclusive debut of the release. See the Assassination Nation vinyl soundtrack below.

Above you can see the exclusive premiere of the Assassination Nation vinyl soundtrack. This 2xLP release is a special "Raincoat Red" vinyl edition, and will be available in stores May 10. You can preorder from Lakeshore Records here.

In Assassination Nation, "High school senior Lily and her three best friends live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies and chats – just like the rest of the world. Their small town gets turned upside down when an anonymous hacker starts to reveal personal messages and secrets of thousands of people. As anger erupts into full-blown violence, the four girls soon find themselves in a fight for their lives against an armed mob."

The score, courtesy of Passion Pitt former keyboard player and synthesist Ian Hultquist, "plays big on screen throughout the entire second half of the film, including extended sequences where it's set to screen images for minutes at a time." The music is described as "the first truly contemporary electronic film score in some time that does not seek to duplicate the Stranger Things retro esthetic," instead creating "its own new and fresh contemporary electronic score that is both modern and very accessible to non-filmscore audiences in the same way that It Follows and Under The Skin did." Here's a track from the release, along with the full track listing from the vinyl.

Assassination Nation – The Shootout


Side A 21 Mins

  • Mayor Bartlett
  • #FAIL
  • The Life & Texts of Principal Turrell
  •  Internet Trolls
  • I'm Not the Monster You Think I Am
  • Half of Salem
  • Slay'em High Killa
  • A Star is Born
  • Assassination Nation
  • Side B 16 Mins

    1. Blow Us a Kiss
    2. Take Salem Back
    3. Marty's Confession
    4. Home Invasion
    5. On the Run
    6. Side C 16 Mins

      1. Kiss Me
      2. Be Gentle
      3. Crimson
      4. The Shootout
      5. Surrender
      6. Rally Ur F_cking Crew
      7. Side D 16 Mins

        1. Trigger (Bonus Track)
        2. Rage – Isabella "Machine" Summers
        3. Brat  – Abra
        4. We Can't Stop – Jackson State University Marching Band, The "Sonic Boom of the South"