Mondo 'Black Panther' And 'Destroyer' Posters Go On Sale Tomorrow

While a Best Picture win for Marvel Studios' Black Panther seems unlikely at the Oscars this weekend, fans will be able to celebrate the character by snagging two new Mondo posters that will be available for purchase tomorrow. Plus, the fantastic Nicole Kidman cop drama Destroyer also gets the Mondo treatment in a piece that strikingly depicts downtown Los Angeles as a collection of loaded guns.

Mondo Black Panther Posters

Black Panther Ansin 1Black Panther Ansin 2

Artist Martin Ansin created these posters for last year's 10 Years of Marvel Studios gallery show, but they'll finally be available for purchase tomorrow.

The first 24"x36" screenprinted poster is a hand numbered limited edition of 375. It costs $60, and is expected to ship sometime next month. The second is a variant which the villainous Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) appears to have sliced through and tagged with his own name, mirroring his motivations in the movie. That piece is an even more limited edition of only 200, and it costs $80. Gotta love that purple color palette in the variant, which not only conjures images of royalty, but also the colorful sky of Wakanda's Ancestral Plane, which both characters visit during the film.

Destroyer Poster

Destroyer TobinMatt Ryan Tobin's Destroyer print is a larger, differently colored version of an image he created for the film's vinyl soundtrack release. While the soundtrack piece turns the palm trees purple, I think this stripped down, yellowed image is a better representation of what director Karyn Kusama's Destroyer actually is: a dusty, grimy little movie that's harsh and almost blinding in its depiction of the city as a dangerous jungle through which officer Erin Bell (Kidman) wanders. The "city as guns" idea has been done several times over the years – I'm instantly reminded of Olly Moss's take on Die Hard and DKNG and Paul Scheer's Bad Boys II print – but this one, from the ground level looking up and with that wolf towering over the perspective, almost makes it feel like the city has already beaten you down. That wonderfully captures the vibe of Kidman's character in the movie, and the wolf works a lot better on this poster than it does in the actual film.

This 36"x24" screenprinted poster is a hand numbered limited edition of 200, and it'll set you back $45.

All three posters will go on sale tomorrow, February 21, 2019, at a random time through Mondo's website, and you can follow them on Twitter for the on-sale announcement.