Let's Grade Each Of Those Rumored 'Star Wars' Disney+ Spin-Offs

Over the past couple of days, a pair of rumors cropped up claiming that nine Star Wars Disney+ spin-off shows are in early stages of development. We have not been able to verify these rumors, but Disney+ is going to need content and Star Wars is one of the most popular properties around, so it's not completely unreasonable to think that a few of these ideas may actually be kicking around in the halls of the Mouse House.

In lieu of treating any of these spin-off ideas as if they're the absolute truth, we're just going to rank them in the order we'd want to see them. Are we looking at Jedi Master-level ideas here, or are some of these show concepts nothing but Bantha Droppings? Read on to find out.

To be 100% clear, the only Star Wars-related shows we know for certain are in development at Disney+ right now are Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian, Diego Luna's Rogue One prequel about Cassian Andor, and the animated Clone Wars series. These new rumors come from We Got This Covered (twice) and HN Entertainment, who don't have any information about the plots for any of these potential shows.

You better believe we have our own grading scale for this article – this is serious journalism we're doing here, folks. (Ron Howard voice: "It isn't.") From best to worst, here's our ranking system for each of these rumored ideas:

Jedi Master: Yep, I'm in.BB-8 Thumbs Up: Would probably watch, but I might let a few episodes pile up before getting to it.Sandy Anakin: Might tune into one or two episodes out of curiosity.Bantha Droppings: Would never watch.

Let's get started.

Lando Calrissian

If they can somehow get the ludicrously busy Donald Glover on board to lead a full season of a TV show (in addition to his own show, Atlanta), I'm 100% down for seeing his pansexual pirate cruise his way through the galaxy. Let's assume Glover will do it. It could take place after Solo: A Star Wars Story but before Empire – or maybe it could even be a Solo prequel, so they could bring back Phoebe Waller-Bridge as L3-37.

Rating: Jedi Master


Since a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story seems unlikely thanks to the original's muted reception, let's pretend that Qi'ra's story would continue in a TV show. I think I'd be interested in this show if it didn't feature Han Solo in any way – put the focus on Qi'ra and how she navigates her way through the criminal underworld, and there might be some potential here. Locking Emilia Clarke down for another TV series right after she's coming off of Game of Thrones may be tough, but she's grown a lot as a performer since her early Thrones days and there's probably enough depth to mine with this character to make a show worth checking out.

Rating: BB-8 Thumbs Up


I love John Boyega's Finn, but I'm not sure I need to see a whole show about him. His backstory isn't interesting to me – we already saw his big turn from Stormtrooper to Resistance member in The Force Awakens. I'd like to hope that Episode 9 will give him some closure, but in the odd instance it ends with Finn in a cliffhanger situation, I guess I'd tune in to a show to at least see what he's up to.

Rating: Sandy Anakin

Poe Dameron

Did you read my little blurb for Finn? The exact same thing applies for Poe: I don't want to see him get his own show, but this is Oscar Isaac we're talking about. I'm not going to just ignore it completely.

Rating: Sandy Anakin

Young Princess Leia

It's undeniable that Leia is an incredible character. But do we really want to see her wandering around on Alderaan as she ingratiates herself into the rebellion? I realize that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown dressed up like her for Halloween, but that's not enough reason to green light an entire show, is it? Is it?

Rating: Sandy Anakin

Captain Phasma

Look, Gwendoline Christie is great. She deserved much better than this character. A Phasma TV show? No. Just...no.

Rating: Bantha Droppings

Rose Tico

The Last Jedi is my jam, and I'm not a Rose hater. Still...does this character need a whole show? Unless the Resistance grows to huge numbers by the end of Episode 9 and the film ends with her becoming a spy that leads a team of war dogs or something, I think the answer is probably "no."

Rating: Sandy Anakin

The Knights of Ren

I realize there's a section of fandom that is obsessed with the Knights of Ren after J.J. Abrams teased them in The Force Awakens, but I would truly be happy to never see or hear from them again. I don't think they're essential to Kylo's development (we know all we need to know about him without seeing him interact with these jokers), so seeing an entire show based around these guys? GTFO with that.

Rating: Bantha Droppings

Darth Bane

I had to look up who the hell Darth Bane even was. Unless it's literally Tom Hardy in character from The Dark Knight Rises wielding a lightsaber and throwing out one-liners in that ridiculous voice, the idea of a full Darth Bane show should be abandoned as quickly as it was conceived and never mentioned again under any circumstances.

Rating: Bantha Droppings