'Creepshow' TV Series First Look Reveals The New And Improved Version Of The Creep

The Creepshow TV series has begun filming, and executive producer Greg Nicotero just provided the first look at the horrors that await us all. The image features the new and improved version of The Creep, the ghostly figure spotted at the beginning of the Creepshow movie. There, the "character" was little more than a puppet (that eventually turned into a cartoon). Here, it appears to be someone in great special effects make-up, or a realistic animatronic. In either case, I'm excited. See the Creepshow TV series first look below.

There he is, in all his spooky glory – The Creep himself. And if you want an even better look at him, here's the image outside of Instagram.

I love this. I love how it looks, I love the blue filter reminiscent of the original film – I love it all. Hopefully Nicotero will keep posting images from the series as production continues.

The Creep is Creepshow's own version of the Crypt Keeper, although he's not as prone to terrible puns. In fact, he doesn't talk at all in the first film – he just floats around giggling. Anyone who has seen the first film will recall the ghoul popping-up outside the bedroom window of a young boy, played by Stephen King's son Joe Hill. The boy has just gotten into an argument with his father, a drunken Tom Atkins, over possession of a Creepshow comic book. Atkins tosses the comic into the garbage, but a wind blows it away, flipping the pages in the process. As each page flips, the film cuts to a new segment.

In Creepshow 2, The Creep has a brand-new look, and is played by legendary make-up artist Tom Savini. He gets to talk this time (and drive a garbage truck!), but I much prefer the original silent Creep. And that's the one Nicotero is recreating. I'd assume this means the Creepshow TV series will have a similar framing device as the movie, complete with The Creep floating around, laughing his ass off.

"Having the opportunity to embrace the spirit of Creepshow and expand on what George [Romero] and [Stephen King] created is, without a doubt, a lifelong dream come true," said Nicotero. "Having grown up in Pittsburgh, Creepshow lives in a special place for me. I had the good fortune to visit the set as a teenager. I was able to look behind the curtain of filmmaking, and it changed me forever. I'm honored to continue telling the stories in the 'comic book come to life' world that fans fell in love with. This fall we will be 'opening the coffin' and unleashing upon the world our demented and ghastly stories, crafted by the best in business."

Creepshow will arrive on Shudder sometime this year.