VOTD: Wes Anderson's 'Star Wars', Or 'The War Galactic', Commissioned By Patton Oswalt

We've seen plenty of different interpretations of Star Wars that mash-up the iconic sci-fi saga with various other intellectual properties just for the hell of it. But when artist Sillof takes the time to craft a custom line of Star Wars action figures with your favorite characters given incredible new sculpts and style makeovers, you pay attention.

Sillof has already created a bunch of different custom Star Wars action figure lines with George Lucas' creations remixed in the styles of Mad Max, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, American Graffiti, and even Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. Two of those custom action figure were commissioned by comedian Patton Oswalt, who recently ordered up a third collaboration inspired by the cinematic style of filmmaker Wes Anderson. And the results of that idea are positively glorious.

Wes Anderson's Star Wars Figures

When Patton Oswalt suggested that Silloff tackle Star Wars in the style of Wes Anderson, the artist was "simultaneously terrified and excited." And if he was going to take one of his favorite movies of all time and mash it up with the distinct style of one of his favorite filmmakers, he wanted to do it right. Sillof didn't simply create action figures that looked like quirky Wes Anderson versions of Star Wars characters. The artist explains the extensive work he did for this project:

"I knew I did not want to simply have the father Royal Tenebaum dressed in black like Darth Vader or do a Bill Murray as Obi Wan.  I have worked as a production designer and art director on films, so I decided to tackle this project the way I would if I was lucky enough to work on a Wes Anderson film. I started with a 7-page script that I wrote that allowed me to create a complete narrative with the archetypal characters of Star Wars but in a Wes Anderson style world and story."

Sillof even went so far to create a miniature set for his characters to occupy, and you can see it in the dollhouse sideview shot featured in the makeshift trailer for the action figure line above. These are such cool character remixes, and I hope Wes Anderson gets a look at the incredible work that Sillof did here.

For a more extensive breakdown of The War Galactic figures, check out Sillof's official website.