Mondo Sets 'Twin Peaks' Art Show During This Year's SXSW

It's still hard to believe that Showtime released eighteen new episodes of Twin Peaks in 2017. David Lynch and Mark Frost's show often leaned on dreamlike imagery, but those new episodes somehow really happened, and now a new Twin Peaks art show is coming to Mondo Gallery to pay tribute to the mind-boggling series. Check out several pieces from the upcoming show below.

Twin Peaks Greg Ruth promoTwin Peaks is so cerebral and otherworldly that it almost seems designed to be impossible to fully comprehend, so it's fitting that the name of this show is The Art of Greg Ruth: A Twin Peaks Interpretation. I wouldn't trust anyone who claims they've unlocked the definitive true meaning of the show, but we can all attempt to interpret it, and artist Greg Ruth's interpretation appears to include incredibly lifelike depictions from the series. Take a look at a few of his pieces below.

Ruth does a fantastic job capturing the essence of Twin Peaks in these pieces: there's a twisted, foggy sense of dream logic that cuts through the center of them, tapping into the same primal, ineffable place that Lynch aimed for when he directed the show. I'm sure these images read as nonsense to those who haven't seen the newest batch of episodes, but for those who have, looking at these is like getting jolted right back into the surreal world of the show. Here's what Ruth had to say about the upcoming show:

"Twin Peaks changed everything in the spring of 1990, and I was mesmerized by its weekly soap-opera format and brilliant dance between mystery, comedy and romance and a kind of horror that had never before existed on the small screen. It influenced a generation of admirers and later inspired me to use it as a short series of portraits of the various keys characters as I tested my new love of graphite work under the umbrella of my self-assigned weekly drawing series, The 52 Weeks Project. When Twin Peaks aired on SHOWTIME® recently, it sparked an even more enthusiastic and complex series of original drawings that still seems inexhaustible. It is a wellspring of totems, symbols, storytelling and character that is unmatched by any other contenders out there. Twin Peaks continues to be a deep inspiration for me personally, and it is nothing short of the most insanely fantastic honor imaginable to be able to launch this print series and gallery show. If I could only whisper in my ear 27 years ago with the promise of this..."

The Art of Greg Ruth – A Twin Peaks Interpretation will feature over sixty new prints. They'll be available for sale in person at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas on opening night, March 8, 2019, and whatever is left will be made available online at in monthly batches from March through August. Here's the online release schedule:

MARCH 21: Series 1 + 2 + 3
APRIL 11: Series 4 + 5
MAY 9: Series 6 + 7
JUNE 13: Series 8 + 9
JULY 11: Series 10 + 11
AUGUST 15: Series 12
Mondo Gallery can be found at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, and this show will be on display during this year's South By Southwest Festival from March 8 – March 12, 2019.
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