Epix Jumps Into The Streaming Service Wars With Epix Now, Offering MGM's Entire Library

Epix was one of the last TV holdouts in the streaming service arena, but now it's diving headfirst into the streaming wars with a pretty tempting offer for its newly launched Epix Now: $5.99 per month for both Epix original series and MGM's entire movie library. That means subscribers will have access to offerings from MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate including critical hits like A Quiet Place and Annihilation.

Epix Now launches today as a streaming service that features MGM's full movie library as well as Epix's collection of new and old original series for just $5.99 a month.

New series like the upcoming Alfred Pennyworth origin story Pennyworth, Godfather of Harlem starring Forest WhitakerPerpetual Grace, LTD. featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, the docu-series PUNK from Iggy Pop, and Elvis Goes There with Elvis Mitchell will populate the streaming giant, which is now available for download in the App store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. Epix Now will also be coming to Roku devices, as was announced last month, and eventually make its way to Amazon Fire TV. The service will roll out across additional devices over the course of the year, according to Deadline.

"2019 is poised to be an incredible year of growth for our network," Epix president Michael Wright told the outlet in a statement. "Launching EPIX Now and providing consumers nationwide with access to our premium original programming and blockbuster movies is an exciting moment for our company and solidifies our commitment to bring high-level storytelling to as many people as possible. We look forward to welcoming new audiences to our network."

Epix was one of the last streaming service holdouts for TV networks, but it turned out to be worth the wait. Because more than just offering new episodes of Pennyworth, Epix Now will feature movies from MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate, which should hopefully include some classic films as an alternative to the upcoming Warner Bros. streaming service and even the Criterion Collection's service, which will soon be picking up the pieces from the now-dead Filmstruck.

See more details or learn how to subscribe to Epix Now here.