VOTD: 'The Brady Bunch' Reunites To Renovate The Real Brady House For HGTV

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch. To celebrate, HGTV has something special in store for fans who have been waiting for some kind of reunion.

HGTV rounded up all six of the Brady kids from the original series to renovate the real house used for the exterior of the family home. And you'll get to see how it all unfolds because HGTV is turning it into a special series that will air sometime later this year. Get a look at the HGTV Brady Bunch reunion below.

HGTV Brady Bunch House Renovation

Greg (Barry Williams), Peter (Christopher Knight), Bobby (Mike Lookinland), Marcia (Maureen McCormick), Jan (Eve Plumb) and Cindy (Susan Olsen) are all renovating part of the house. We're not sure they're necessarily qualified to actually do all this construction, but at the very least, they can tear down walls, hit some nails, and offer up design advice to make sure it looks exactly like it did when they were on set.

However, this is a little more than your average renovation, because the interior of the house was nothing like it appeared on the show. That's because all the interiors were shot on the Paramount Pictures lot from 1969 through 1974. Is the house even designed in a way that allows for the Brady house to fit inside of it? Or do they have to add rooms and basically rebuild the house? We'll probably have to wait until the HGTV show debuts to find out for sure.

The hope is for the Brady Bunch house renovation to be done by September in time for the exact 50th anniversary.