'The Boy 2' First Look: Brahms Is Back, And He Needs A Bath

Remember Brahms, the creepy doll at the center of The Boy? He's back, and he's filthy. A new The Boy 2 first look gives us a dirt-covered glimpse of Brahms, and his new friend – whomever that may be. If you've seen the original The Boy, then you know the upcoming sequel is going to have to change things up considerably in order to keep its story going. For now, though, we'll have to make due with the first look below.

The Boy 2 image

There he is: Brahms, buried in some dirt, with a hand covering his doll-mouth. This image comes accompanied with the caption "He's made a friend. #TheBoy2 coming soon to theaters." Make of that what you will! Who is this new friend? What do they want? We'll have to wait and see. The Boy 2 finds itself in an interesting place, primarily because of how the first film ended. Here is the point where I'm going to spoil the 2016 film The Boy, so run away if you haven't seen it.

In the first film, Lauren Cohan plays an American woman hired to be a nanny in a small village tucked away in the United Kingdom. The job is in a big spooky house, and when Cohan's character gets there, she makes an alarming discovery: the "child" she's being hired to care for isn't a child at all. It's a creepy looking doll named Brahms. Brahms "parents" explain that their real son died, and that they've been treating this doll like the dead boy ever since. Instead of running the hell out of the house, Cohan keeps the gig, because she thinks it'll be easy money to watch a doll. But then the doll seems to start moving on its own. Scary!

But here's the twist: the doll isn't actually moving. Instead, the real Brahms is still alive, and living in the walls of the house. He comes out when no one is looking and moves the doll. It's a pretty good twist, even though it's been done before. But here's the problem: now that we already know Brahms the doll isn't actually alive, what is this sequel going to do? Is it just going to bring the doll back, and pretend the last movie didn't happen? Or is it going to take a whole new approach? I'm very curious to find out.

The Boy 2, starring Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Owain Yeoman and Christopher Convery, is set to arrive sometime this year.