LOL: 'Jurassic Park' Gets Turned Into A 'Fyre Fraud' Style Documentary

Right now you can watch two different documentaries about the disaster of an event called Fyre Festival. Netflix has Fyre, and Hulu made Fyre Fraud, and both give an extensive, laughable, and tragic look inside the work of notorious hustler Billy MacFarland and his failed upscale island. But this wasn't the first highly publicized disaster that unfolded somewhere meant to be an incredible getaway destination.

Jurassic Park was going to be an unforgettable experience where crowds could get a look at real dinosaurs in front of their eyes. However, it turned out to be unforgettable for a much different reason when the park's first visitors ended up in a nightmare worse than anyone could have anticipated. The new documentary Jurassic Fraud shows us what went wrong.

Jurassic Park Fyre Fraud Mash-Up

This is one of the most clever trailer mash-ups I've seen in a long time. The editor cleverly uses some key dialogue that fits in perfectly with the vibe of the real Fyre Fraud documentary, including some real gems from Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. On top of that, some footage from Jurassic World makes the Jurassic Park incidents feel more on par with Fyre Festival.

But the real achievement here is making John Hammond look like a total madman of a billionaire instead of an earnest old man whose ambitions got a little too out of control. It makes that whole flea circus sound like just another scheme he used to squeeze cash out of everyone he knew.