'Fargo' Season 4 Goes Into Production This Winter, First Script Has Been Turned In [TCA 2019]

Last summer, FX officially announced the fourth season of Fargo at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. Following up at FX's winter TCA sessions, CEO John Landgraf gave reporters an update on production of season four, which hints at when it might air on FX."It's going into production this coming winter," Landgraf said. "We will set a premiere date but that gives you some time frame."Chris Rock will star in the 1950s Kansas City-set season. Landgraf said the first script is in and creator Noah Hawley is actively writing and shared the complete season arc with the network."We've now heard the season pitch for the fourth season of Fargo," Landgraf said. "I've read the first script which is fantastic. I absolutely loved it."Every new season of Fargo has been announced long after the previous season wrapped. That's by design. Hawley did not create Fargo to be a long running show, though it has now naturally outlasted many series. The first challenge was to stand out from the acclaimed Coen Brothers movie on which it draws inspiration.Every season has come together when Hawley had a new idea. Each season takes place in a different time period with different characters, although astute viewers can spot connections between family surnames and other Easter eggs.FX will remain in the Noah Hawley business for the foreseeable future. Should that result in more Fargo seasons, Landgraf is open to it. If Hawley develops something else, FX still gets first dibs."We have an exclusive overall deal with Noah Hawley through FX Productions that lasts many, many more years," Landgraf said. "We didn't know that Fargo would go beyond one season because all he had was one great idea. It's really up to Noah. Any time and as long as he can come up with ideas that are fantastic ideas, we'll make them forever. He has to be inspired. I'm as inspired by the fourth season idea he came up with."Noah Hawley will be on a TCA panel for Legion this afternoon.