MoviePass Is Reviving Its Unlimited Plan In Last-Ditch Effort To Bring Back Subscribers

You don't recognize MoviePass anymore. Maybe it hurt you, maybe it betrayed you one too many times, and you've decided to leave it behind. But like a bad boyfriend, MoviePass wants you back and it'll even go back to the way things were before things got complicated. That's right, MoviePass is bringing back its unlimited plan as part of its new relaunch to attempt to shake off its troubled image and bring on new (or old) subscribers.

The embattled movie ticketing service has survived bankruptcy and near collapse, but MoviePass keeps trucking along. And the company hopes that its latest relaunch will bring MoviePass back to its golden days when it disrupted the movie-going industry with its unheard of $10 a month unlimited plan. Variety reports that MoviePass is planning to bring back a new version of its unlimited plan that would enable users to see as many movies as they want each month. However, the pricing for this new unlimited plan was not revealed.

This new unlimited plan would be added to MoviePass' new three-tiered ticketing structure, which offers three separate plans that range from $9.95 to $19.95, give or take a few bucks depending on your geographic location. The $9.95 plan lets you see three movies a month, but only allows you the option of theĀ six assorted movies rotated each day; the $14.95 plan allows the subscriber three regular-format movies of their choice per month; the final $19.95 per month allows a choice of any three movies, including one premium format in 3D, IMAX, etc. However, the prices are flexible depending on the city where you live.

But the question remains: Can MoviePass even afford to bring back the unlimited plan? With its parent company planning to spin it off, and its loss of hundreds of millions of dollars over the past year, it still seems unlikely. However, Khalid Itum, executive vice president of MoviePass, told Variety, "I feel like we're turning a corner."

MoviePass says it has started to regain subscribers after it had been losing them for months. It reportedly has seen customer sentiment improve as well. "Prior to launching the new plans, only 44% of customers had a positive feeling towards MoviePass, according to data collected by NetBase. Last week, that rose to 59% of respondents having a positive view," Variety writes.

Would you go back to MoviePass' for the unlimited plan?