A 'Bumblebee' Sequel May Be In Development Following International Box Office Success

Bumblebee may not have earned the buzz it deserved at U.S. box offices, but the Transformers prequel is seeing major success internationally. Thanks to a boost from the Chinese box office, Bumblebee crossed the $400 million mark worldwide, making it a solid success for Paramount. And we know what box office success translates to: a sequel. A Bumblebee sequel is reportedly in the works at Paramount following its international success, which could get even more fuel when it opens in Japan in March.Deadline reports that Paramount has already begun development on a Bumblebee sequel, though another Transformers film may come first. The outlet writes:

There's a sequel in development (might that mean a Bumblebee/Optimus Prime buddy movie?). Before that, there's an animated movie in the works and future iterations of the overall Transformers series that may introduce new characters and bring others along.

But if we don't get a straightforward Bumblebee sequel, Deadline notes that it wouldn't be a surprise to see a Bumblebee and Optimus Prime team-up film. Indeed, after the success of Bumblebee and its endearing titular character, I wouldn't rule out the yellow Autobot's appearances in most — if not all — planned future Transformers films.

So it may be up to Japan (where Bumblebee opens March 22) to determine the future of a Bumblebee sequel. Director Travis Knight, who so vibrantly brought to life the childlike wonder of the Transformers, has said that he already has ideas for Bumblebee 2 where he would explore the relationship between Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) and Bee. And both Steinfeld and John Cena have also said that they would be interested in returning.

"We had many objectives (including) to bring a new set of families into the series, and that succeeded; in the after markets that will continue to succeed in a big way," Bumblebee producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura says. "Part of our obligation was to bring people back who had left the franchise or never experienced it which worked well... We are finding our way. Our intention was we wanted to please the core fans but also bring a new audience."