'Unsolved Mysteries' Reboot Coming To Netflix From 'Stranger Things' Producer

Unsolved Mysteries, the classic show in which Robert Stack told us all about serial killers, missing people, UFOs, and ghosts, is getting a reboot for Netflix. Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things, will oversee the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, which will once again focus on the unexplained and the mysterious. This could be very cool – but it just won't be the same without Robert Stack.Deadline broke the news about the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, and I'm cautiously optimistic. I was a huge fan of the series when I was growing up, and it used to scare the s*** out of me. The idea of revitalizing it with a fresh coat of paint could be fun. The 12-episode reboot "will use re-enactments in a documentary format to profile real-life mysteries and unsolved crimes, lost love, cases involving missing persons and unexplained paranormal events. Each episode will focus on one mystery. In the original series, actors played the victims, criminals and witnesses but family members and police were regularly interviewed."

That sounds more or less similar to the original, although the original run of the series featured more than one mystery per episode. But here is where I pump the breaks: I don't know if this show can be as good without Robert Stack. Stack was the host from 1987–2002, and his smooth, deep voice and super-serious line delivery took Unsolved Mysteries to the next level. Stack himself wasn't a scary guy, but somehow, his presence and voice made everything just a little extra creepy. After Stack left the show (he died in 2003), Unsolved Mysteries continued on with new hosts. First, actress Virginia Madsen took over. Then, Dennis Farina. Both were fine, but neither could hold a candle to Stack.

Unsolved Mysteries

So who will host this Unsolved Mysteries reboot? I can't think of a modern-day actor that reminds me of Stack, so it's hard to picture anyone. Perhaps the most obvious choice would be someone from the Levy-produced Stranger Things. David Harbour could make for a great host, in fact. I'm sure I'll be checking it out no matter who lands the gig, though. I can't resist watching shows with re-enactments of spooky stuff. And just like with the original series, I'm sure I'll be skipping every episode that doesn't involve a ghost and/or grisly murder.

In the meantime, if you want to revisit the original Unsolved Mysteries, it's currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.