'Monopoly' Movie Will Pass Go With Kevin Hart In The Lead, Tim Story Directing

Remember the Monopoly movie? It's still happening, and Kevin Hart is going to star. There's no info on just what the Monopoly movie is going to be about, but perhaps Hart will be playing the famous Rich Uncle Pennybags. Or perhaps he'll be someone who just really likes to play Monopoly. More on the Monopoly movie below.

Hollywood has been trying to make a Monopoly movie for some time, and now, it looks like it's finally happening. Deadline reports Kevin Hart will star in the Monopoly movie, with Ride Along director Tim Story helming. Plot details are currently under wraps (wouldn't want to spoil the Monopoly movie secrets now, would we?), but an earlier draft focused on "a young man from the game's modest Baltic Avenue on a quest to make a fortune." Hart confirmed his casting on Instagram.

The Monopoly board game dates all the way back to the early 1900s, and has since become a popular board game that inspires people to yell at their family, lose several of the tiny plastic houses contained therein, and finish things up by shouting, "Why did we start playing this damn game anyway?!" The objective of the game is to both own as much property as possible, while also being the richest person. It's capitalism for the whole family!

Believe it or not, Ridley Scott was announced as the director of a potential Monopoly movie back in 2008. "That was a tough thing to crack in terms of the screenplay because first off, many would want to integrate literally the shaking of the dice and the throwing of the dice into the board," Scott said. "I couldn't really get past that. I wanted to just make a movie about the idea of greed. I told them you know your game can turn your sweetest, dearest aunt into a demon – a nightmare of greed. So that's what we're going to do."

That actually sounds like it could have been really interesting, but Scott's film never got off the ground as producers got cold feet about making a movie about greed. Later, a new script was written that was described by producer Randall Emmett as being like The Goonies. "The cast is young kids but there is one lead, older—a guy chasing kids, lets say...[The Goonies is] a perfect analogy to what Monopoly will hopefully be. There is a treasure map... It's a family adventure film."

Now, it looks like the Monopoly movie is going to start fresh. A new writer hasn't been set, but it sounds as if they're going to go back to the drawing board and try again. Who knew adapting Monopoly would be so hard?