Netflix Could Lose 20% Of Its Library Starting In 2019

Even though Netflix keeps adding to their library every single week and announcing new projects pretty much every day, soon the streaming service will be losing a decent chunk of the offerings they have for subscribers. According to recent analytics, Netflix stands to lose 20% of their library as new streaming services from Disney, WarnerMedia and more start to debut this year.

According to the TV industry research company Ampere Analysis (via, Comcast (or NBCUniversal), Fox, Disney and WarnerMedia currently account for around 20% of Netflix's content library. And nearly all of them have announced plans to launch their own streaming services, which means each of them will likely not be sending nearly as much of their content to Netflix.

Disney is launching their Disney+ streaming service sometime late in 2019, and WarnerMedia has already detailed plans for their own streaming service in the same non-specific window of time. Meanwhile, Comcast (which owns NBCUniversal) just restructured their executive team to focus on a new streaming service for their television and film offerings, one that could take away staple shows like The Office from Netflix in the coming years. And finally Fox is being absorbed into the Disney banner, so a bunch of their movies and TV shows will likely be heading to Disney+.

However, this is merely a prediction based on assumptions. While plenty of programming will end up being exclusive to these streaming services and no longer available at Netflix, it's not a forgone conclusion that all of that content will be exclusive. After all, Netflix has to pay these companies for that content, and if they're willing to pay $100 million to WarnerMedia in order to keep all seasons of Friends through 2019, it might behoove these companies to still allow Netflix to keep some of their movies and TV shows.

It's also worth noting that not every piece of content from the likes of Disney, Fox, WarnerMedia and Comcast is as valuable as something like Friends or The Office. So while Netflix stands to lose 20% of their library if these companies take all of their balls and go home, it may not that big of a loss for most subscribers out there. That's especially true when you consider just how much original content Netflix is churning out, spending roughly $13 billion last year for new content.