'Men In Black International' Features More Alien Agents Putting On The Suit

Since Men in Black is concerned with protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe, it doesn't seem like the kind of organization that would trust extra-terrestrials enough to employ them as agents (although we did see them doing office work and such). When you look back at the Men in Black franchise, there don't appear to be any aliens suited up as full-fledged agents. But that will change with Men in Black International.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted some new photos showing off some of the new aliens in the sequel and you can check them out at that link.

With the exception of Agent X from the Men in Black animated series that was created during the height of the film franchise's popularity, we've never really seen an alien suited up as an agent from Men in Black. Of course, we could count this moment from Men in Black II, but we'd just as soon forget anything that happened in that sequel since it's absolutely terrible.

So if we don't count Frank the Pug wearing an adorable little black suit, we'll soon be seeing alien agents for the first time in the Men in Black franchise on the big screen. The aliens seen in the photos are merely extras, likely seen walking around MiB headquarters, but it makes us wonder if we'll see more prominent aliens figure into the story, especially as the new movie takes us to international territories.

The question is whether we'll be seeing any aliens who don't have human-like traits wearing a suit. Sure, some aliens have two legs, two arms, and a head on their neck above their shoulders. But in the Men in Black universe, we've seen a lot of aliens who don't have any human traits or traditional bodies at all (like Kumail Nanjiani's character Pawny above). Those are the aliens I wanted to see suited up, and I especially want to see what their sunglasses look like.

Furthermore, there will be other alien employees of Men in Black seen around the office, delivering mail and whatnot (see another photo over at EW). So it sounds like we won't just be seeing aliens dealing with customs or getting questioned as informants, and that's a cool change to make, especially for a franchise that is supposed to be well-aware of all the varieties of life from other planets, galaxies, etc.

Plus, there will still be some of the usual suspects just hanging around MiB headquarters, like the rascal worms who have always made some kind of appearance in the franchise from time to time. As for any other familiar aliens, we'll have to wait and see when Men in Black International hits theaters on June 14, 2019.