Guillermo Del Toro Shares Profound Observations On 'Roma' And Its Cyclical Storytelling

Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron have been famously close-knit friends for decades, but that doesn't mean that del Toro is going to offer only shallow praise to Cuaron's magnum opus Roma. Del Toro took to Twitter on Sunday to offer some insightful film criticism that perfectly gets to the heart of why Roma is such a masterclass in storytelling — and makes all film writers jealous that they hadn't written a full essay about this first.Spoilers for Roma below.

If you aren't following Guillermo del Toro on Twitter, do so immediately, because other than the beautiful images he shares and the fun glimpses into his filmmaking process, he will occasionally (frequently) remind us that he loves movies just as much as we do.

On Sunday he posted a series of tweets breaking down the cyclical storytelling of Roma, and the deft way that Cuaron foreshadows Cleo's (Yalitza Aparicio) tragic loss of her stillborn child. And del Toro goes beyond that, pointing to specific motifs that make their way in each of Cuaron's films, including Gravity, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and Children of Men, and even offering us some film trivia about Cuaron's struggle with executives over the ending of Gravity. These are the kind of posts that remind us why we keep going back to Twitter.

Guillermo del Toro was apparently feeling in a film analyzing mood, having just laid effusive praise for James Mangold's superhero film Logan the day before. "Watching [James Mangold's] LOGAN again am struck by the Zen-Western, elegiac poetry of its script and the spartan brutality of its action. It's that rare breed of film that enhances the mythology it closes. It betters the films that preceded it. One of the very best of its kind."

Del Toro raves about Logan for a few more posts (because who wouldn't?) before noting that he was "also struck by how prescient it is. I would beg you to watch it NOW and not see frightening parallels with today's news."

So is everyone's dream screening series now an Alfonso Cuaron retrospective hosted by del Toro, with a surprise screening of Logan at the end? Just me? Make this happen, people.