'Ralph Breaks The Internet' Clip: Watch The Entire "A Place Called Slaughter Race" Musical Sequence

Every Disney princess deserves their big sweeping solo song, and in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Princess Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) got one — albeit an appropriately offbeat one. The young video game racer and quirky princess got her own solo song penned by the legendary Disney maestro Alan Menken in a song that is equal parts self-deprecating and inspirational, in the vein of both Wreck-It Ralph movies. But boy does Vanellope sing her little heart out about murderous street racing in the full "A Place Called Slaughter Race" sequence, which is now available to watch online.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Clip: A Place Called Slaughter Race

When you think of comedian Sarah Silverman, your mind doesn't immediately go to 70-plus-piece orchestra and a song penned by the songwriter behind The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. But Ralph Breaks the Internet goes there, and it's glorious.

"A Place Called Slaughter Race" is a contender for this year's Best Original Song nomination at the Oscars, and ahead of next week's announcement of the nominees, Disney has released the full "A Place Called Slaughter Race" musical sequence.

The unexpected showstopper pops up in the middle of the animated sequel as Vanellope struggles over making a home with the motley crew of killer streetcar racers, or returning to her arcade with her best friend Ralph. Gal Gadot makes a musical appearance (and sings a few verses herself) as Vanellope's racing mentor, Shank, while Vanellope dashes through the fiery danger zone that is Slaughter Race. Silverman (who can be seen recording the piece here) was living a dream come true by recording an original song with Menken, who wrote her favorite musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Phil Johnston and Tom MacDougall's lyrics provide the perfect capper to this classic number, which brilliantly subverts Menken's own works while giving us that soaring musical experience we all crave.