'Bios' Cast Adds Caleb Landry Jones As Tom Hanks' Robot Dog Sitter

Caleb Landry Jones, an actor who seems to excel at playing creepy weirdos, has joined the cast of Bios to play a much more likable character. The Amblin film stars Tom Hanks as the last man on earth. Jones will play (via motion capture) a robot Hanks builds to watch over his dog. That almost sounds like a joke, but it's part of the real plot, and I am here for it. Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik is helming the film.

I'm ready for Caleb Landry Jones to start playing non-creepy people. The actor definitely has a certain look that makes him perfect for playing crazy weirdos – something he's done in projects like AntiviralGet Out and the Twin Peaks revival. But every now and then, he'll play someone normal (see: The Florida Project). And now he gets to play a robot! I guess that's a step-up.

Variety is reporting the actor has joined the Bios cast, which also features Tom Hanks. Bios "follows Finch, the last man on Earth. An ailing inventor facing his own mortality, Finch builds a robot to keep his beloved dog safe. As the trio embarks upon an epic cross-country journey, the scientist must teach his creation to become "human" enough to take care of its charge, and the beloved pet to accept a new master." Hanks is playing Finch and Jones is the robot dog sitter.

love this premise. How can you not? A movie about a robot dog sitter? There's something for everyone here! Robots! Dogs! Tom Hanks! The apocalypse! I hope this turns out well and ends up being a huge blockbuster, so we get more even sci-fi dog sitter movies. Alien dog sitters! Time traveler dog sitters! The sky is the limit here. Make it happen, Hollywood. We're counting on you.

Bios was announced back in 2017, where it was considered a hot package with several studios vying for it. At the time, the plan was to start filming in the first quarter of 2018, but obviously that didn't happen. Universal will now distribute the film, with Amblin serving as the production company. Craig Luck and Ivor Powell are responsible for the script, with Powell also producing, along with Kevin Misher, and ImageMovers' Jack Rapke and Jackie Levine. Miguel Sapochnik, who directed the "Battle of the Bastards" episode of Game of Thrones, is behind the camera, while Robert Zemeckis, Luck, Sapochnik, and Andy Berman will all serve as executive producers.