There's Yet Another 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Secret Ending

Another week, another Black Mirror: Bandersnatch "secret ending" revealed. The Black Mirror choose-your-own-adventure movie has so many endings that viewers need a flowchart to navigate it, but now, we may need a bigger flowchart. While last week we learned that there was a Black Mirror secret ending that follows Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) as he pulls out his finished "Bandersnatch" game and experiences some unpleasant noises, a new ending has been unveiled by one of Netflix's social media accounts. Back into the rabbit hole, it is.

As the director of Netflix's buzzy interactive choose-your-own-adventure movie David Slade himself said in a recent interview, "There are scenes that some people just will never see and we had to make sure that we were OK with that." But Netflix's social media accounts seems intent on handing out as many hints at how to find those hidden scenes as possible.

NME reports that the result of this choice is this:

According to those who have chosen to pick up the photo twice, there's quite a nice surprise. You'll be able to see a cameo from Bandersnatch author Jerome F. Davies – who suddenly appears in Stefan's dream and makes him go back and pick up his book instead.

I vaguely remember this ending when I "played" through Black Mirror: Bandersnatch the second time — it happens after Stefan's mental state is starting to deteriorate in the latter half of the film, and he has to choose between picking up his family photo with his deceased mother and the book "Lock, Door, and Key," on parallel universes. In the ending where you pick up the family photo twice (having gone back the first time), Jerome F. Davies suddenly emerges from the shadows and attacks you, effectively killing you and taking you back to that choice for a third time.

The role of Jerome F. Davies was played by video game developer Jeff Minter, who took on the role of the fictional "Bandersnatch" author that was driven insane by his own book and cut his wife's head off. Minter was actually the second choice for the cameo, which originally went to real-life writer Warren Ellis. "True story: I was asked to play the role of the mysterious author Jerome F Davies in BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH," he wrote. But his schedule wouldn't allow it as it required three-days shooting, and for an ending that barely anyone would see at that. "To burn three days, with the possibility that the floating day (the actual filming day) would be one I couldn't do," Ellis said.