DC Comics Joins Comixology's Unlimited Subscription Plan

When Marvel Comics joined Comixology's new Unlimited subscription plan two years ago, it only seemed a matter of time until DC Comics joined the fold. Now, two years after Marvel was added and three years after the digital comics retailer launched its $6 a month all-you-can-read subscription plan, DC Comics joins Comixology Unlimited, making available to subscribers thousands of DC and Vertigo titles.

io9 reports that DC Comics will begin unloading thousands of select comics — from single issues, graphic novels, and complete collections — from both its DC back catalogue and Vertigo imprint to Comixology's Unlimited subscription.

The entire roster of the Comixology Unlimited free-to-read comics, which now include both Marvel and DC, will be available on other Amazon subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading (the latter of which will receive a rotating curated collection of DC and Vertigo graphic novels rather than single issues). Despite this huge get for Comixology, the $6-a-month price remains the same for access to Comixology Unlimited's archives as well as DC and Vertigo's newly-added material.

Below is the selection of single issues, trades, and graphic novel titles being added this week, with plenty more to come. You can check out a more complete list over at DC Comics:


All Star SupermanAnimal Man (2011-2014)Aquaman (2011-2016)Arrow (2012-2013)Batgirl (2016- )Batman (2011-2016)Batwoman (2011-2015)Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: The Long HalloweenBatman: White KnightCyborg (2016- )Green Lanterns (2016-)Harley Quinn (2016-)Identity CrisisInjustice: Gods Among Us (2013)Injustice 2 (2017-)The Mulitversity (2014)New Super-Man (2016-)Supergirl (2016-)Teen Titans (2016-)Wonder Woman (2016-)DC Vertigo:100 BulletsAmerican VampireAstro City (2013- )Books of Magick: Life During Wartime (2004-2005)Clean Room (2015-2017)Doom Patrol (1987-1995)Ex-MachinaFablesHellblazerPreacherThe SandmanScalpedSweet ToothTransmetropolitanV for VendettaWatchmenY: The Last Man

This is a surprising move for DC Comics, which just launched its digital platform DC Universe late last year, offering access to its comics back catalogue as well as access to other features like merchandise, streaming archives, and its burgeoning collection of original TV shows like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice: Outsiders. But DC Universe is inaccessible outside of the U.S., not to mention significantly more expensive than other comics subscriptions. So this partnership with Comixology may be mutually beneficial for both the comics retailer and DC Comics, which has lagged behind Marvel's own comics subscription service, Marvel Unlimited.

Learn more about Comixology Unlimited at its official website where you can see the offers or begin a 30-day free trial.