'Friends From College' Season 2 Trailer Doesn't Want To Fall Back On Destructive Habits

Those wacky Friends From College are back with a second season of a show I didn't even know existed! The amount of original content on Netflix has become staggering, to the point where it's hard to keep track of it all. But this series boasts a highly impressive cast, so it's likely worth checking out. The series focuses on a group of friends from Harvard played by Keegan-Michael Key (Ethan), Cobie Smulders (Lisa), Annie Parisse (Sam), Nat Faxon (Nick), Fred Savage (Max) and Jae Suh Park (Marianne), who are "facing down their forties." We've all been there, right? Harvard, I mean. I used the bathroom there once. Watch the Friends From College season 2 trailer below!

Friends From College Season 2 Trailer

I feel bad for having not caught up with Friends From College yet, because this cast rules. For now I'll just make due with this trailer, which is funny, although leaning a bit too heavily on improv and riffing for my tastes. Fred Savage's performance in the recent Once Upon a Deadpool was the only thing I actually enjoyed during that entire fiasco, so I'm all for him doing more funny things. This trailer also features a Sleater-Kinney song ("Modern Girl", from The Woods), which makes it immediately a-okay in my book. Here's what's going on in the second season, according to Netflix:

It's been a year since Ethan & Sam's affair was exposed to the 4 other friends – including Lisa, Ethan's wife – and the friend group is still fractured. No one has heard from Lisa, Ethan has been living a repentant year of writing a YA novel, and Sam has been trying to repair her marriage with her husband Jon.

But with Max's wedding coming up, the friends won't be able to avoid each other much longer. Between the engagement party, bachelor party, and wedding, the six will have to overcome the destruction in their past and figure out how to function as a friend group again. Will they be able to move forward or will they regress back to their old destructive patterns once again?

Friends From College hails from creators Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco. In addition to the cast mentioned above, Billy Eichner (Felix) and Sarah Chalke (Merrill) will guest star. The eight-episode second season will hit Netflix next week, January 11, 2019. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Netflix just announced ten more original shows while I was typing this sentence.