'Once Upon A Deadpool' Poster Makes Us Want A Merc With A Mouth Animated Christmas Special

If you didn't get around to seeing Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, you missed your chance. The limited engagement played for the last time on Christmas Eve, but that doesn't mean the holiday cheer from the Merc with a Mouth is over. 20th Century Fox released a new poster for Once Upon a Deadpool at the request of Colossus himself, and the result is not only in Russian, but it makes us want to see an animated holiday special starring Deadpool sometime in the future.

Check out the Russian Once Upon a Deadpool poster below.

Russian Once Upon a Deadpool Poster

Russian Once Upon a Deadpool Poster

Deadpool appears to be the only one in the holiday spirit as he plugs in some Christmas lights in the poster revealed on the 20th Century Fox Twitter page. Domino looks concerned for some reason. Cable looks pissed off, which is par of the course, while Russell appears to be pretty upset too, his fists glowing with hot energy. Colossus looks a little sheepish, and Fred Savage appears to just be tolerating what's happening.

The illustration style is great, like a classic Christmas book, and it looks exactly like a Deadpool animated holiday special would if 20th Century Fox decided to make one. Hell, if Predator can have an animated holiday short, then why can't Deadpool get in on the yuletide action too?

If you missed Once Upon a Deadpool in theaters, we're not sure if you'll get a chance to see it elsewhere. One would assume that it'll get a home video release, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. It might be a nice holiday release next Christmas, but since it didn't rake in a ton more money for Fox, it might not be a hot commodity. But hopefully it'll be release on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download at some point.