'Medici: The Magnificent' Trailer: Sean Bean Navigates Another Conspiring Medieval Family

Sean Bean in a medieval drama series? What will they think of next!

The Game of Thrones actor has found a new scheming medieval family to navigate, except the twist is not that he's going to die (though that may very well happen) but that Bean is playing the descendent of a character played by his Game of Thrones son, Richard Madden. Madden had starred in the first season of the Netflix historical anthology series, Medici: Masters of Florence, which followed the titular wealthy family in 15th century Florence. Now Bean will play his descendent in the second season, Medici: The Magnificent, which takes place20 years after the first season at the heart of the Renaissance.

Medici The Magnificent Trailer

Netflix as unveiled its first look at the period drama Medici: The Magnificent, which stars Bean and Teen Wolf's Daniel Sharman in the second season of the anthology series. The season follows the renowned historical figure, Lorenzo the Magnificent (Sharman) who assumes leadership of the family-run bank. But as he begins to enact change on the powerful bank, it brings him into conflict with the head of Florence's other powerful banking family, Jacopo Pazzi (Bean) who swears to defeat Lorenzo.

Along with Bean and Sharman, the cast includes Sarah Parish (Broadchurch), Bradley James (Merlin), Alessandra Mastronardi (Master of None), Synnøve Karslen (Clique), Raoul Bova (The Tourist) and Julian Sands (Gotham).

I had never heard of this series until now, though Bean's inclusion intrigues me — though the question remains whether he'll remain in the season for very long, given his penchant for dying spectacularly onscreen. Unfortunately, the lack of a fantasy aspect doesn't compel me much, and I've never been one for picking up period drama series, as much as I like the films. And while Bean is a strong performer, it's up in the air whether lead Daniel Sharman can carry a series on his own.

Here is the official synopsis for Medici: The Magnificent:

Watch the trailer for Netflix's Medici: The Magnificent, the second season of the ongoing anthology series that follows Italy's legendary Medici family, taking place 20 years after Medici: Masters of Florence. Season 2 takes us to the heart of the Renaissance through one of the most important historical figures of all time, Lorenzo the Magnificent – where an attempt on Piero de Medici's life forces his son Lorenzo (Daniel Sharman) to assume leadership of the family-run bank. Once in power, young Lorenzo resolves to do things differently, which swiftly brings him into conflict with the head of Florence's other powerful banking family, Jacopo Pazzi (Sean Bean).

All episodes of Medici: The Magnificent debut on January 25, 2018.