VOTD: Let This Pixar Fireplace Bring Animated Joy To Your Home For The Holidays

Around the holidays, families love getting cozy around the fireplace, whether they're roasting chestnuts or not. However, there are some families who just don't have a fireplace. Thankfully, our advanced technology and readily available access to streaming video has made life without a fireplace not so terrible because we can have a video loop of a toasty fireplace playing in our living rooms. And this year, Disney has delivered a special Pixar fireplace featuring stockings inspired by some of their beloved characters from WALL-E, Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Check out the Pixar fireplace below and cue it up for the holiday season.

Pixar Fireplace Video

As you can see, there's a stocking featuring the famous red star ball that originated in Pixar's first animated short Luxo Jr., where their lamp logo comes from. Then there's a stocking that looks like Woody's boot from Toy Story, one that looks like the trash compacting robot WALL-E, and another patterned after Sully's fur from Monsters Inc.

As adorable as this video is, I wish this had a little more going on. It would be really cute if certain characters popped out of the Christmas presents, walked by the fireplace, or even if quick flashes of them appeared in the flames. But it's just a loop of the fire and the stockings hanging. It's adorable enough for the background, but these fireplace videos are so easy, it would have been nice to have something a little more unique from the people at Pixar Animation,