'Miracle Workers' Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Is An Angel Trying To Save Planet Earth

Earth is in a constant state of disaster. Whether it's natural or manmade, there's always something terrible happening around the world, and it's about time somebody did something about it. Even heaven thinks there needs to be some kind of interference in the new TBS comedy series Miracle Workers, but God (Steve Buscemi) just doesn't seem to be up to the task. So it's up to an angel (Daniel Radcliffe) named Craig, whose job it is to answer prayers, to take matters into his own hands in an effort to save Earth.

Find out how that goes down the full Miracle Workers trailer that was just released by TBS.

Miracle Workers Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe seems like he's at the end of his rope with answering prayers, but then he suddenly gets help from a new employee at Heaven, Inc., an angel named Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan of Blockers). The two of them must team up to save Earth, but the only way to do that is to make a bet with God that they can make two humans fall in love. They don't explicitly explain that in the trailer, but that's the story at the center of this limited series.

This series looks sharp and clever, not to mention the fact that it has a great cast. It's actually the first season in what is intended to be an anthology series based on Simon Rich's book What in God's Name. That likely means future seasons of the show (if it continues) will have an entirely different cast, which explains why TBS was able to afford such big names for the lead roles.

Deadpool co-star Karan Soni also stars in the series, and the trailer also has an appearance by Angela Kinsey from The Office. Still missing in action is Baywatch co-star Jon Bass, but apparently he's part of the cast. Are there more guest stars waiting to pop up in the rest of the series? We'll find out when the show starts airing next year.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Craig, a low-level angel responsible for handling all of humanity's prayers, and Steve Buscemi plays Craig's boss God, who has pretty much checked out and is ready to move on to his next project. To prevent Earth's destruction, Craig and fellow angel Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) must answer a seemingly unanswerable prayer: help two humans fall in love.

Miracle Workers debuts on TBS on February 12, 2019.