'Aquaman' Soundtrack Features Pitbull Covering Toto's 'Africa' For Some Reason

Quick – when you think of Aquaman, what's the first song that immediately springs to mind? Whatever song you just thought of, I can almost guarantee that it wasn't "Africa" by Toto. But that's the song you're going to hear in the film when James Wan's Aquaman washes into theaters on December 21. Sort of. Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, has a song on the Aquaman soundtrack called "Ocean to Ocean", which repurposes the chorus of Toto's "Africa" for its own chorus. Why? I don't know, you'll have to ask Pitbull next time you see him. For now, listen to the "Africa" cover from the Aquaman soundtrack below.

Ocean to Ocean

I don't know, folks. I just don't know. Sometimes, songs like this doesn't actually appear in the movie. They'll be on the soundtrack release, or play over the end credits. But I can confirm Pitbull's "Ocean to Ocean" is indeed in the film proper – it plays during a scene where Aquaman and Mera jump out of a plane. Hearing the chorus of Toto's "Africa" pop-up in the middle of this song is jarring, to say the least. Pitbull issued the following statement regarding his contribution to the Aquaman soundtrack:

"The ocean, the sea and any body of water, to me, is true freedom. The ocean has always been the border from where my parents came from Cuba and the United States, which gives us freedom. That's why I respect water. Bottom line: water gives us freedom."

Alright then! Truth be told, the goofiness of this song seems to fit right in with the atmosphere of Aquaman, which has been described by several critics as unapologetically silly. And that's fine!

For comparison, here's the original "Africa" by Toto.


It's been quite a year for strange songs on superhero soundtracks. In addition to Pitbull's "Ocean to Ocean", we also had Eminem's absolutely confounding "Venom", where the rapper advised us all to let the devil in.


Between these two songs, which was the worse decision? I'd go with "Venom." Neither of these songs are very good, but the Pitbull track is light and silly enough that you can kind of go along with it. In sharp contrast, Eminem shouting about licking salad bowls, and literally starting the song off with the lyric "I got a song filled with shit!" is just a bridge too far. You win this round, Pitbull.

The Aquaman soundtrack, which is primarily comprised of the score by Rupert Gregson-Williams, is available today.